Tuesday, June 23, 2009

$1 Computer Desk Meet $7 Sewing Table

I think I've said that I've needed a sewing table since I got Miss Curvy last year. But alas, I've just been sewing at the dining room table. I don't mind, but it requires me setting everything up and taking everything down each time I want to sew something. And if it's just something small, it seems like a waste.

So the big guy in the sky (Jerry Garcia) was smiling down upon me at a garage sale where I found an old computer table for $3. I know, what a steal....but it gets better. It was marked down to $1! Turns out it was an estate sale and the daughter just wanted to get rid of everything. She was ready to give me the table but I insisted on at least paying the dollar.

It's just an ugly old table, but I've been so inspired by Crafty Nest and the before and afters on Design*Sponge that I knew I could spruce it up a bit.

Here she is in all her boring ugliness.

And...bam...$6 later and she's purty!

I started by cleaning off the top.

Then using a $6 roll of shelving paper from Target, I measured, cut, and covered.

The metal on the feet was all messed up.

But a few pieces of contact paper covered that up, too.

There was some random paint on the legs, but it scraped right off with a straight razor.

And now my Miss Curvy sewing machine has a permanent home!

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Anonymous said...

You just gave me the perfect solution to my salvage find (very similar table). Thank you! =)