Friday, May 29, 2009

Kristi's Baby Blanket...and Bonus Mouse!

Remember all the babies (and baby mamas) that needed gift blankets knit? (No? Go here.) Well, Shelley's turn was up next with Kristi's blanket. We had originally planned to all do the same blanket, but Shelley didn't think she was up for the round and round stripes of that pattern and decided to do a log cabin instead. And since she's very pregnant (her gift blanket will be coming soon), we tend to let her do what she wants. =)

She ran out of yarn to make the blanket as big as she wanted, so she quilted it with the knit top instead. In turned out REALLY sweet. And with the little bit of yarn she had left, she squeaked out a mouse. (Get it, squeaked...mouse...ah, I make me laugh.)

Want to make your own mouse? Pick up Lucinda Guy's Handknits for Kids!

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1 comment:

Turtle said...

i was just looking at that book and mouse! cute!