Friday, May 22, 2009

I Won!

No, not the Namaste bag (not YET, I mean!). I actually won cool iron-ons through a contest Chronicle Books posted on their blog and on Twitter. I'm stoked! The iron-ons were limited editions printed for Mike Perry's book, Iron Me On.

Below are two pictures from Chronicle's blog of OTHER people putting the transfers to good use (mine haven't come yet. Once they do, I'll post my own pictures).

Photo by Guinevere de la Mare

Photo by Guinevere de la Mare

To play, you had to be one of the first three people to email the Chronicle editor with the answers to these two questions.
1. What fashion line prominently featured James Jean’s work in its Spring 2008 collection?
2. What does the below print by Mike Perry say?

You can find the answers here.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! Winning cool stuff is aways fun. =) Enjoy your new artwork.

babalisme said...

Congratulations!! Those are really great stuff you won! Not as cool as my mr. Mouse..'s OK :D