Monday, May 18, 2009

Sad News

Shane and I found out last week that his aunt has cancer. It really came out of nowhere, and unfortunately, it has already progressed quite a bit. We sent her flowers to let her know we're thinking of her, but we really struggled with the right special something to send. Nothing seems appropriate for the situation. All we really want to do is send her comfort for her pain and a hug for her fears, but no one has yet been able to bottle and market those just yet. The flowers should've already arrived, but I'm quickly trying to knit a shawl to send as well. I figure something pretty to wrap around her shoulders is the next best thing to sending a hug.

This shawl may look familiar, as it was something Shelley, Judith, and I had started for a co-workers wife at work. The bad news is it didn't get done; the good news is that co-worker's wife is doing much better now. I asked Shelley if I could buy this off of her (since she had paid for the yarn), but she donated it to me instead. Such a good friend. I've been knitting as quickly as I can and am almost through the yarn I have. I'll need to buy if only we could remember the name of the yarn?? I'm hoping the yarn store she bought it at will be most helpful with this question.

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Sarah C said...

I am so sorry to hear the news about your husband's aunt! I am sure she will love the scarf. When my MIL was going through chemo she lost her hair and lived in hats. I know im not the one knitting or buying the yarn but maybe you could make a matching hat?

My thought will be with all of you.