Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Vacation Photos

Ning of Babalisme requested more vacation ask and you shall receive! (For those of you who are Facebook friends, sorry for the repeats...but I give a little more details here, at least.)

This was our Wednesday spot. I couldn't sleep well the night before, so I was up super early. I decided to take a walk bythe ocean and save some superb seats that were hard to come by once people were up and about.

Here's a real live snail stuck to a palm tree. I don't think I've ever seen a snail least not outside of a museum or pet store (wait, do they sell snails in pet stores?).

This was our Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday spot. It was still close to the ocean, but an easier seat to get. Here is pretty much where I slept, laid out, read, and drank. Ah...the good life. How I miss it so.

On Thursday afternoon, the storm clouds moved in. Lucky for us, they just made the sky look really cool and never actually rained on us...until Friday when they came back for a second visit.

A teeny weeny herbit crab. They were EVERYWHERE. Once we realized how many there were, it made us nervous to walk around. We didn't want to squish any.

Here's me and my beloved crossword puzzles. I love doing them despite not being great at them. Also, please take note of my sweater in this picture. Despite sunscreen, I kind of (OK, a lot) burned my back and shoulders, so I had to wear aloe gel at nights. But because the gel has menthol in it, it would make me cold, and thus the need for the sweater. Problem is, the gel rubbed off in the sweater. I wore it every night, and by the end of the trip, I was referring to it as the "medicated sweater." It has since been thoroughly washed and rid of it's medicated status.

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1 comment:

babalisme said...

I love crossword puzzle too (and not excel in filling in those blank squares either!) My husband always asks me why would I bring a puzzle on vacation. Now, he knows I'm not alone (or crazy)!!

love the snail picture!! CutE!