Monday, December 7, 2009

A Namaste Giveaway! Oh My!

OMG...this beautiful brand new Namaste bag is being given away over at Knit Purl Gurl. Seriously. I believe it was last January where I posted about the Namaste Zuma that I loved and adored and yet did not treat myself to for reasons of probably saving for a house. And now that I have said house, it's not like I can run right out and treat myself because rooms need to be painted, furniture needs to be purchased, and well, my dog needs to eat. So all I've got left is luck. Here's hoping being a December baby will work to my advantage and bring this bag home to me.

Oh yeah, and you can enter too...I guess. I mean, the bag is ugly and all. You wouldn't want it. =)

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1 comment:

LollyChops said...

I hope you win cause you gotta have a bag for your birthday that's coming up in a few days right????

...and you cannot NOT buy Dex doggie chow!