Monday, December 21, 2009

Bring Me Some Twiggy Reindeer

My snowmen seemed to go over well in the holiday decor exchange. They were stolen quite a few times (that's a good thing). Another item that was stolen a lot was Twiggy Reindeer, who is now living in my home. Twiggy is from Pottery Barn and comes in a set of three. I got the small size, which is actually quite large (about 5-6 inches tall). Here is the set:

Aren't they great? I love how their antlers grow leaves as they get bigger.

Here is a teeny version for the tree. Equally as sweet.

And then the mother of all twiggy reindeer are these bad boys. So cool! I wonder how much they'll go on sale after the holidays. I might have to get me one...or twelve. =)

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1 comment:

LollyChops said...

Those suckers are HUGE! I thought they were table top deer! WOWSA!

Glad your snowmen went over well. I love it when I bring something to a gift exchange that is popular!

Merry Christmas Carrie & Dexter!

Wrinkly HUGS!