Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LollyChops = Christmas Angel!

OK, aside from being an all around swell gal and Dexter's newly adopted Aunt, LollyChops has again moved up in the ranks to "Christmas angel." The adults in my family don't buy gifts for one another, but I still like to bring a little treat along when we go a wassaling (ok...traveling from house to house). I've made cookies, brownies, and breads in the past, and they're typically a hit. But last year, LollyChops offered up a wonderful hot chocolate recipe and cute bag printables. If you can't remember, here are the ones I made last year:

Super cute, right?

This year, I was planning on going back to cookies, but then the age-old question (for me, anyway) of how to package them created a dilema. Tins are nice, but not that easy to travel with (too bulky). Boxes are pretty, but the cookies slide around. Cellophane (sp?) bags are cute, but I can never find the right size bags...either too big or too small. And just when I'm about to give up, Christmas Angel LollyChops comes up all a glow with these sweet treat carriers, complete with printables. Perfect timing!

Ain't LollyChops great?

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LollyChops said...


Ok I feel super special right now!!

I'll take a side of DexterChops toast smell with my breakfast this morning. He's such a little huny bunny!

HUGS Carrie! I cannot wait to see how the cookie bags come out!

Tiffany said...

Love, love, love the Noel bags with the scalloped edges! So sweet in looks and content!