Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FujiMama, Come On Down!

FujiMama, you are the winner of the 2nd annual birthday giveaway! Yay!!! I'm very excited for you. I'll be emailing you separately to get your info so that I can get your prizes in the mail ASAP! Congrats!

And to everyone who played and shared your favorite yummy birthday treats, thank you! Here's a little Dexter reindeer love just for you! I do believe my dog is Forrest Gump when it comes to taking pictures. I have multiple shots with his eyes closed. But I actually find those shots cuter sometimes.

I made the reindeer antlers from felt. He hates them...but loves to chew on them. I think he thinks it's a soft bone.

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{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Adorable! My little Ruby is 1/4 English, 1/4 Boston and 1/2 Frenchie....a nice little bulldog mix......yeah one of those designer MUTTS!

Warm blessings,

Fuji Mama said...

Wahoo!!!!!! Thank you!!!

Angie said...

Congrats to Fuji Mama!! And thanks for the Dexter photo!! ADORABLE as usual!! ;)

Tiffany said...

Oh gosh darnit! I totally missed out on playing. Me = Chicken with head cut off. Congrats to Fuji Mama and ADORABLE photo of Dexter! Is that the winning card photo?

Kelly said...

Speaking of winners....hop on over to - you have a Bunchy Scarf waiting for you!