Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's My Bag?

Actually...don't answer that question. I know what my bag is: freezing cold temperatures day in and day out, no humidity in my apartment making my skin brittle, crazy sinuses caused by the two previous items listed, stomach issues that still are not completely under control, dishes, laundry....oy. OK. I'll stop now. This post wasn't actually supposed to be all "woe is me." It's instead about something much more fun...the coolest bag ever that I totally and completely covet!

"But Carrie, it just looks like a pretty purse. Surely, you're not another girly girl." Well, kids, you'd be right. I actually hate carrying a purse. There, I said it. I always think I'll like it, buy one, and then end up trying to fit as many things in my pockets (or Shane's pockets) so that the purse can stay at home. But this purse is different! It's actually a knitting bag in disguise.

Yeah...really! No joke.

The front pocket is accordian style...perfect for those circular needles and row counters AND the cell phone and keys. For someone who is all about organization (as am I), this is like a dream that I'd need to pinch myself during to see if I was really and truly awake.

Then it opens all wide and Carrie-like (i.e. big mouth). And what wonderfulness is hiding inside? Oh nothing but two snap closed compartments for yarn! No more yarn getting tangled up with my wallet and having my project yanked off my needles causing me to wonder what I did in a past life to deserve such heinous treatment. I'm in love.

The Namaste Zuma (that's my future child's name) comes in so many beautiful colors, and I've decided on Peacock.

But not back to the regularly scheduled woeing. It's $70. Ouch. I know, some people spend triple (or more) than that on purses, but as someone who isn't overtly girly, that's a lot of moo-lah. So for now that means my dear sweet Zuma will have to remain just a wish that comes when blowing out birthday candles or seeing a shooting star. And in the great words of Lord Byron, "Fare thee well! and if for ever, Still for ever, fare thee well."

Unless of course each of my regular 30 readers (yeah, you know who you are--I don't, but Google Analytics say you're out there) want to each send in $2.50 to one committed blogger (or blogger who should be committed) to make her a very happy woman.

KIDDING!!! (kind of)

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