Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Exchange: Sweet Snowmen

At work we do a holiday "ornament" exchange, which is actually more like holiday ornaments and decor. Last year I knit this little sweater ornament, but this year I couldn't find anything that I wanted to knit. As I was searching online for non-knit inspiration, I came across this funny vintage snowman bottle on Etsy (actually, it was through a blog first, but I can't recall which one...sorry!).

This is from littlethings1's shop.

I just love the vintage quality to this little guy. However, I wasn't about to go out and scour the antique stores for supplies (that's what I call "Christmas laziness"), so I made a slightly more contemporary version using existing supplies.

They're heads are made from paper clay. Once it dried, I painted them white, painted on their face, put spray adhesive on, and sprinkled with glitter. For those of you who know me, you know I went the extra mile when you see I used glitter...I HATE glitter. I always feel like I need to be powerwashed after using that stuff.

I also used a little glitter inside the glass and then filled the jar with polyfil. I used sticker letters for the front of the glass jars, which are from the Dollar Store like 10 years ago! The rest is just pipe cleaners, pom poms and hot glue. I like how they turned out.

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Zina :: Let's Lasso the Moon said...

Thank you for being "my first" link-up participant. It is wonderful to be part of four corners. So cute. DANKE.