Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Scarf-ish, I'm a Winner, a New Contest, & a Tease

I suppose this is what you'd call a miscellaneous day. So, in the order set by today's blog title, let's get started. First up, the scarf-ish. I started knitting this "scarf" in October and finished over Thanksgiving. For those of you who know me, you know that is an insane time for such a short scarf. But I'd like to blame it on the dog. He's full of cuteness distractions which makes knitting more and more difficult. Also, this is thin yarn that I decided to knit on small needles. I'm dumb.

I used the same yarn as I did for my SIL's b-day beret last year. So she may be getting this "not-so-long-to-be-a-scarf-but-not-so-short-to-be-a-scarflette" neck warmer as a "just-because" gift.

Up next...I'm a winner! Miss Tiffany over at Peanut Blossom has awarded me this beautiful quilt pattern! I'm the luckiest girl in the world. =)

And I'm going to press that luck by entering the PeanutBlossom Week 2 Stocking Stuffer giveaway! This week's prize is a $10 Shutterfly gift card. Just think of how that could come in handy for the holidays! Entering is easy and you get three chances. My favorite of those three is listing what you asked Santa for. I didn't ask for anything, but it was fun coming up with a dream list.

And now for the great big tease....tomorrow is my birthday (that's not the super exciting part for you), which means it's time for my second annual birthday giveaway! Here's last year's giveaway. And this year's is sure not to disappoint! Come back tomorrow for the big day!

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