Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Lot of Hot Chocolate

First things first: Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Usually I bake little goodies to give as gifts for Christmas, but ever since I turned gluten-free, baking is no fun. I mean really, what's the point if you can't lick the bowl! But thanks to LollyChops, I was able to whip up some homemade hot chocolate (completely gluten-free!) AND put them in pretty packages designed by Lolly herself. Here are the ingredients (and salt, not pictured):

Lolly made great templates that worked as tiny packaging all on it's own, but I wanted to go a little bigger. I cut out the template into two pieces and glued them to the bag (directions going on the back of the bag).

I finished them all up with pretty bows and yarn. They'll be headed to the first group of people later this evening.

With that, I hope you have a wonderful day. No crying and pouting...SANTA'S COMING!!

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1 comment:

rose said...

Those look beautiful! I'm going to make these myself on Wed., to gift for a New Year's Eve thing. I hope mine turn out as nice as yours. Lollychops rules, doesn't she?