Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Ornament/Decoration Swap

This year at work, I participated in my first holiday ornament/decoration swap. It was one where you open a present according to a number and then get to steal what other people opened. I never realized just how much strategy I would need to employ, but in the end I do believe I made out like a bandit!

First up, my ornament. I knit up this sweet little cabled sweater and scarf. (Here's the pattern if you want to make your own!) I made the hanger by twisting some wire together. And then I hung a little Popsicle stick off the bottom which reads "Baby, it's cold outside." (The stupid flash makes that impossible to read in the picture.)

My pal Jess, who you might remember from past Craft Swaps/Challenges, walked away with my ornament. Although she was clinging tight to a beautiful Antropologie ornament for a while. I hope this was a fair exchange (but who the heck can compete with anthro!).

And now for my stealing reward...a sweet, handmade snow bunny! Sigh...I love her.

She was made by my other pal, Stacey. And what is that I see...Amy Butler fabric on the toosh of this hopper? Why yes it is. It's like Stacey knew it was coming home with me!

Want to make your own bunny? The pattern can be found in the Softies book. Send me a pic if you decide to make one!

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1 comment:

babalisme said...

Ahh I used to do that too when I was in my old town.. I moved now for a year, and I don't the swaps anymore...

Merry (late) Christmas and a happy new year!