Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paint Preview

Shane and I...well, really more Shane right now...are getting ready to paint the living room and dining room this weekend. Nothing like family coming up for Thanksgiving to light a fire under us. Actually, it seems that just about every Thanksgiving once the turkey is in the oven, we start hanging pictures on the walls. I'm convinced that our past condo would've had nothing on the walls if it weren't for visitors. =)

But I digress...back to the paint. I want to keep the colors in these two rooms relatively neutral and somewhat related since the two rooms open into one another. We're going to be using the Behr Premium Plus paint, which has the primer built in. I'm also hoping it just means one coat...but we'll have to wait and see.

Above is the living room color. It's called Ryegrass. The room in this pic has a lot of white accents, but our living room has a lot of honey oak trim. I'm hoping that the room ends up feeling warm and earthy.

If you recall, these are the curtains I had in the apartment. I'm going to use them in the living room with the ryegrass, which is actually one of the colors in the embroidery of the curtains. I found red sheers (another color in the embroidery) to go underneath (which means bye-bye blinds!).

In the dining room, we're using Gobi Dessert. And I'm going to take a stab at painting our ugly wood and brass chandelier red. I think the two colors will play well off of the Ryegrass and the browns and reds that I'll be decorating with in the living room. But it's also still neutral enough to allow me to change up my tablecloths...as I so often do.

I'm thinking of going for very neutral window coverings as well. This is French General's new fabric and I was thinking of turning it into roman shades. However, I also found the below curtains--not neutral--that I really love, too, and play off the colors in the living room really well. (Sans valance.)

Decisions, decisions.

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Sara said...

Looks great! The colors sound wonderful. My trim is honey oak too, and I'm more a cherry, mahogany, walnut kinda girl. I like the roman shade fabric better than the curtain.

Angie said...

ohhh I vote for the French General fabric LOVE it!!!! By the way- I don't think your alone in the "things only get done if we have visitors coming" club!! ;)

Tiffany said...

We used that same Behr paint in our bedroom, sorry to say it took 2 coats. But, we did use that fairly intense blue. Maybe with a lighter color you can get away with one coat.

The French General fabric is just lovely. I've been lusting after that whole line for months but for the sake of my wallet have avoided looking at the final bolts in person.