Sunday, November 15, 2009

11 Days to Go...Dreamy Dress

One of the reasons I love Thanksgiving at my house is that you can come to the table in your PJs, and it would be perfectly acceptable. However, as I was driving past Ann Taylor Loft the other day, I saw the Ruffle Shimmer Dress in the window and had daydreams of wearing this to a holiday meal. Kind of a chic version of the Norman Rockwell version of Thanksgiving...or Christmas. I think I love you, dress. But alas, I will resort to something more comfy and something that doesn't require taking the turkey out of the oven in heels. Still, a girl can dream.

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1 comment:

babalisme said...

I was always wondering while watching christmas/thanksgiving commercials, the mothers were always in high heels and pretty dress. Well, now that I'm a mother, I know that's impossible! Not with a smile, at least.