Saturday, November 14, 2009

12 Days to Go...Table Settings

A few weeks back, Miss Tiffany over at Peanut Blossom had passed on the recommendation to sign up for Martha Stewart's Everything Thanksgiving e-mail. And like a good Thanksgiving day planner, I did. A weekly (I think?) email comes out with planning tips and ideas. Most of the meal stuff wasn't that helpful since I pretty much have the same menu every year (and every year I question if that is a bad thing). But this week she sent out table decorating ideas. Not sure if I'll use any, but I thought they were super cute none the less.

Pom-pom and felt turkeys.

Thanksgiving finger puppets.

Trivia placecards (there are questions on the front of the feathers and answers on the back).

Go here for more ideas!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I'm glad you signed up! I've been saving the emails to go through all at once, man I'm a procrastinator despite my best efforts! We have the same menu every year, too. But I appreciated getting the recipe suggestions because I want to make the stuffing from scratch this year but I want it to taste like the one we normally do. Picky picky, but that's how I am with holiday food!

Yarni Gras! said...

great finger puppets!