Monday, November 23, 2009

3 Days to Go: A Bathroom for the Guests

As I said before: If it weren't for people coming over for the holidays, pictures would never get hung on the walls. So with 4 days til turkey day, Shane and I spent part of Sunday finishing up the "temporary" makeover of the bathroom. Last weekend we painted the room Behr's Dolphin Fin gray. This weekend we put the finishing touches on by rehanging the roman shade, hanging a new towel bar, and hanging some new pretties on the wall (well, not new, but new from the box they were packed in).

The bads (the medicine cabinet, the counter, the shower doors, etc.) still exist but they won't be replaced until the real makeover, which is about a good year out. In the meantime, this is so much more doable than it was!

My favorite angle of the room.

Notice the new brighter overhead light thanks to the new ceiling exhaust fan light.

Pictures on the back wall and the new towel bar.

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