Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Snow and More Birthday

The snow has stopped for now, but this weekend it was really coming down...again. Shane and I decided to take a walk on Saturday evening in the snow. It was really nice, and I loved getting to see all the houses get their holiday on (even the ones who I think must've been drunk with they strung their lights).

And although my birthday was on the 11th, the gifts just keep on coming. On Saturday I received the sweetest little "gift" from Anthropologie (drool!). The front of the case said "So..." and the inside looked like a little sewing case minus the needles.

In place of needles, I received 15% off my entire anthro purchase. The good thing about December birthdays is that you're almost always guaranteed a sale is going on at your favorite store.

Since I can't afford anything in anthro without a sale AND 15% off, I decided I best take advantage. I got this little jacket for a song! Thanks, anthro!

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