Monday, December 15, 2008

Babalisme...COME ON DOWN!!!

You are the winner of the Happy Birthday Giveaway!!! Congratulations! Bablalisme's number was picked on and had a whopping 16 chances thanks to this comment:

Happy birthday!!!

Well my husband is having his birthday on the 13th, and I baked him a surprise cake today. I don't usually bake, and I'm a novice at baking stuff and you know what, I failed. So I went down to the nearest supermarket and grabbed a Haagen Dazs ice cream cake. That's a wonderful memory of a birthday cake turned into a disaster and a mental note to self that baking is for professional.

...AND this picture on Flickr:

...AND a post on the Babalisme blog.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me birthday wishes and shared their birthday stories. If you haven't read through the comments already, I recommend you do. There are so many that were heart touching, sweet, and just down-right funny. Each and every one of those comments brought a smile to my face. And that's the best birthday present a girl can get! So thanks again!

AND (yes, this post is a lot of thank yous) thanks to all of those people who came over to my blog for the first time from the following blogs. Please come back again....and again!

(Sorry if I missed anyone! Blame it on a splitting headache!)

And to wrap this up right, follow this link to see another video entry I received from Jessica. This little girl (pictured below) is as cute as button. And the caption for that photo: "'But it's too much stinkin' fun, mom!' These were her exact words :)" Birthdays are the best!

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babalisme said...


I won!!

Thank you!

Birthday is surely best!