Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Children's Book Craft Reveal

So with little delay, the Children's Book Collage Craft Reveal went down today. What I'm loving about these challenges is each person's interpretation of the craft. We all bring something different to the table. I especially love this craft because it not only allowed for fun crafts, but we each got to tell a little story about the books we loved as kids.

For me, I chose The Berenstain Bears series of books more than just one single book (although my OCD self always liked the organized bins and boxes in Messy Room). My craft was based on how my memories of these books are very much tied to my big brother. He's five years older than me and used to read these to me all the time. Thanks, Sean!

A scrapbook page of my brother and me. I love the adoring look I have for him in this picture--it came from the heart.

Jessica chose Never Tease a Weasel. She said she loved this book and read it a lot, although the message didn't quite sink in. =) Her craft was a wall art collage made from paint, wood, paper, and embroidery floss. I think the message (taken from the book) speaks for itself.

That's Jess as a little girl...the photo, not the weasel, that is. =)

Shelley chose two books. The first was Frog and Toad Are Friends. For those who don't know the story, Frog loses a button while walking with Toad in the woods. He makes Toad go back and help him find the button. They find lots of buttons, but not Frog's. When Frog gets home, he sees his button on the floor. So to thank Toad for all the trouble he went through, Frog sews all the found buttons to a coat to give to Toad. Shelley's craft is a frame covered in buttons and fabric scraps.

On the front of the frame reads "friends."

The following two books inspired a second frame by Shelley. This one was a more stylistic approach.

Nice work, ladies!

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Sean said...
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Sean said...

Hey Carrie,

Great picture of us and nice work. I sure do remember those books. I can remember saying "Another one?"

I love the site. Keep it up and have fun!


Carrie said...

Thanks, big brother!