Friday, January 8, 2010

New Yarn!

Ever since my three project break knitting ended, I've been antsy for new yarn and to get started on my next project--like, weirdly so. Luckily I have a little (and I do mean little) restraint, or else my big empty craft room (for now) would be filled with boxes of ordered yarn. On top of that, thanks to Ravelry, I've been completely overwhelmed by the number of products I could start. I knew I wanted to do something in lace (I swear, lace for me is like an itch that can't be scratched), but I wasn't sure which pattern. Then Miss Jessica saw Miss Shelley's new Ishbel and decided that she'd like one of her own to be her swap project for the blog banner she created (and the new fun addition that's coming soon to my banner!). Originally she thought she'd like me to sew pillows to go with her new bedroom quilt (which is gorgeous, by the way), but that was forever go, and lace is now her real request. Even though I've knit this pattern twice, I can't wait to get started on a third one. Why?

...just check out this lovely yarn I get to knit with! It's so pretty. I love how the color changes. It's from Wolle's Yarn Creations on Etsy.

Here it is all bundled up and waiting for me to break out my needles. So excited! I can't wait. Now if only Mr. Pups and the mountains of snow needing shoveling would cooperate to give me some free time. Guess I'll just have to sneak in what I can, when I can. ;)

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Tiffany said...

New yarn, new fabric, I totally get it. The colors the texture, makes you just want to pet it. Have fun with your project!

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its really very nice to see that i will get it soon thanks for sharing this with us.

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