Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm back...sort of. Physically I'm here, mentally I'm still on vacation. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/holiday break. I was sick through a lot of mine, but that meant a lot of sleeping, watching movies, resting with the pups, and knitting. Really, I couldn't have asked for more (well...except the being healthy part). I need to ease myself back into the blogging brain, so how about a few Dexter pics for today?

Dex spent much of his break sleeping and playing, but it started out kind of rough. He broke his pinky toe on Christmas Eve falling into a window well while trying to find a dry spot under a house overhang to pee. He didn't see the the window well and took a tumble in, catching his little toe on the way down. I called him "Baby Jessica" for the limpy days following. An X-ray showed a broken toe, but luckily it was broken in a "good" that didn't require any brace or lampshade collars of shame. And he's fine now. But I'm going to break his little legs if he doesn't stop jumping on the couch....but I digress. =)

There was a whole lot of this over break.

Pops was sleeping upstairs, and Dex was licking the gate downstairs. That dog licks everything.

There was some playing, too. (Note: He's standing on Shane.)

And then more of this. Nice. be back there now.

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Sara said...

Puppy is too cute!!! I agree on the jumping on the couch. My new puppy, Puppy, is an agile little thing. She's sneaky and love love loves me, so I gotta keep her.

Angie said...

To cute!! Glad to hear he's ok and your feeling better too!

LollyChops said...

There's my baby bunny boy!

Sorry you were sick over most of your break. I faced the same thing over Thanksgiving and it was a total bummer...

Oh and those pics we talked about... I have my photo printer ROCKIN' now so no need to snail mail them to me. If you can email them that would totally work (and it's cheaper for you too I am sure).

Feel better HUGS sweet friend! Give Dexie a little kiss on that pink popcorn tow from his Auntie Lolly!

Peggy said...

Dex is soo cute!!! You are lucky he only jumps on the couch. I occasionly find mine standing in the middle of the kitchen table or sleeping on the dresser. Have a great day.

babalisme said...

Thank you for sharing lots of Dexter pics!! You know how puppy wrinkles make my day!

Happy New Year, Carrie!