Thursday, January 21, 2010

Couches I Crave

So we haven't quite pulled the trigger on painting the living room yet. We had good intentions, but the more we talked about the color, the more we thought we needed furniture first so that we don't "paint ourselves in a corner." I believe in buying quality furniture that you love, because then it should last you a long time. But from a cost perspective, that's not always easy to do. I'm hoping to come across something amazing on Craigslist or in a resale/antique shop, but so far I'm coming up short.

IF (and that's a big, long, faraway, possibly never IF), I had endless supplies of money, one (all?) of these couches would be in my home. I found some of them through Design*Sponge's Living In feature (where room decor is based on popular movie settings). The rest were through links of links from the Living In features. dream.

Henning Sofa from in Living In's National Velvet room. Available through Anthropologie.

Chesterfield Sofa from Living In's Fantastic Mr. Fox room. Available through Anthropologie.

Chesterfield Sofa (yes, the same name as above) from Living In's Annie Hall room. Available through Club Furniture.

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LollyChops said...

That top one is my absolute FAV!

Angie said...

LOVE the first and last ones!!