Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's a Barbie Cake Kind of Day

Why are some mornings so much harder than others? The same clothes are in my closet. I woke up at the same time...give or take a few minutes. Overall, everything was relatively the same as it was yesterday and the day before that and the day before that, but this morning...the bathroom outlet stops working (which turned out to be an easy fix, but I didn't learn this until I moved all the hair stuff into the bedroom to use), I couldn't find an outfit to save my life (I'm still not happy with what I'm wearing), Dex felt the need to lick my legs everytime I changed (and I was changing a lot!), and then trying to get Dexter downstairs to go out before I left (which by then I was already late) was an impossible task that required Shane booting him down. Why? Why can't life be simpler?

Then I was on a blog and came across a Barbie cake. I wasn't really a doll kid, but I did have multiple Barbie cakes for multiple birthdays--all of which I loved (really, who doesn't love cake?). I don't really want to be a kid again, but there are days when that was simpler than the random morning theatrics of adulthood. As I kid, I wore a uniform to school, my mom did my hair, our dog was old and lazy and did what we told her to do, and I got a hot lunch at school that I didn't have to pack or plan. Nice. When school was done, I could come home and eat cookies and all the sweets I wanted. No worrying about working out or diets. Simpler times...for sure. If I could find me a gluten-free Barbie cake right now, I might just have to take the rest of the day off to return to a temporary child-like state.

For now...random web images of Barbie cakes will have to do:

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Angie said...

awww I remember the barbie cake!!! Good times! ;) Hope your day gets better!!!