Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tag! I'm it.

Sweet Ning from Babalisme has tagged me, which means it's my turn to show you six things that make me smile. Here are the official rule:

  1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
  2. List six little things that make you happy.
  3. Tag six bloggers and let them know they’re “it”.
The first one is check. Now let's get this party started:

Knitting! That's not really any surprise if you know me or have read my blog. Knitting makes me very happy, helps relax me (well, most of the time), and allows me to be creative AND watch TV at the same time. =) I also love pictures of people knitting. The showgirls knitting above just make me laugh.

Dias de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) art. I love that the Day of the Dead celebrates those who have passed--making them eternally remembered. But the best are the sugar skulls and statues that go along with the day. I love how happy the skeletons are and how full of life they are. It makes me feel like life goes on even after we're gone.

Bullies! How can you not love the sweet pushed in face of a bulldog. And these dogs are such clowns. You're bound to smile when you hear one snort. I hope to have one soon!

The Volkswagon Thing. This is my dream car! Someday it will be mine.

Classic movies. Forget special effects and loud noises; classic movies are about the story--something that I feel has slipped away from most current movies. A perfect day for me would definitely include at least one black-and-white movie.

Vintage home decor. I love the colors and styles of the 1940s. Everything is so vibrant and fresh. Definitely makes me smile.

Well, I guess that's it. Of course, there is so much more, and I could've filled this whole post with pictures of my friends and family, because they make me smile like no other. But I figured what's above might be more of an interesting read for the rest of the world. Now it's time to tag six people: Carol, Jessica, Tiffany, Lolly (except she might still be on hiatus), Caryl, and Melissa.

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Peanut Blossom said...

Fantastic list, Carrie! I think my favorite is the "Day of the Dead" art, never thought of it that way before. Where do you find your great pictures??

Carrie said...

Thanks! I get most of my pictures from Flickr...I'm sure that's wrong. But they're too perfect. Others I just find randomly online.

babalisme said...

Dias de Los Muertos! I love it for the whole meaning and aesthetic! One of the most grim but cheerful celebration I wish I had in my culture! Great list, Carrie! (oh, not to mention the dog..)

Pokerroom said...

I with you do not agree