Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Free Fabric Quilt

Remember the free fabric I was given? Well, I've been using it to start a new quilt. All of the colorful pieces are from the free fabric bundle, and then the white/ivory is just muslin. I'm not sure if muslin is good for quilting, but it was worth a try...and inexpensive.

This is just the top. I've yet to start the actual quilting process. It's been folded up and could use a good pressing again.

This is a complicated looking block, but alas, it's all trickery! Head over to the Moda Bake Shop for the coolest instructions ever on how to make it. (Keep in mind that I'm new to quilting, so maybe everyone already knows this. But I didn't!) And the sweet yellow diamond there? That was appliqued on top as a last minute, Cr@p! I screwed something very major up. I think it was a good fix. Again...still learning!

The middle square is just four of the other squares sewn together.

And here were some flowers near where I was taking pictures that were too pretty just to pass by and not take notice.

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Peanut Blossom said...

Great use of the fabric! And clever use of applique!! Hiding boo boos is a perfect excuse. So, does this mean you have a camera again??

Carrie said...

Not exactly. It's the work camera. I've been bringing my stuff there and taking pics when needed. Hopefully a new camera will be coming soon so that I take pics as I'm working on stuff.

Life Made Creations said...

Beautiful job on this quilt. New to quilting?? I would have never guessed it. Love those fabrics!