Friday, August 14, 2009

Miss Tiffany, You're Tops!

It's amazing how something can turn your whole morning around. This has been a long week for me: I've been running around busy at work, I got randomly sick in the middle of it all (feeling better now though), I've been stressed out about moving to our new house in two weeks while not having our apartment sublet yet, and I still need to start packing. All of having to come to work today...makes for a very hazy morning.

And then...a happy ray of sunshine comes beaming from my work mailbox. A completely unexpected package from Miss Tiffany over at Peanut Blossom. (Quick backstory: Tiffany knows my work address because she used to work at the same place before I started here. She left to move back to my hometown--two hours away. We met because I did some freelance work for the company she was working from home for. It was kind of like meeting in the middle. Crazy little world we live in.), it couldn't be a digital camera? But, alas, it is! Miss Tiff sent me the cutest little digital camera to tide me over until I get a real one. I'm completely blown away by this random act of kindness!

Tiffany, you're simply awesome! And I promise, one of these days, I'm coming down to take Lil' Peanut out for the day so that you can have your full day on the couch with Audrey Hepburn! Thank you immensely! You truly brightened my day! xoxo

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Peanut Blossom said...

Aww, blush blush. It wasn't that big of a deal. :) I was actually having what I call an "Oprah" moment. I always think that if I had gazillions of dollars how I'd love to surprise people with random things like, hmm, a full blown SLR camera out of the blue? :) Then I remembered I had this little thing laying around unused. Knew it had a better home to go to. Glad it found one and hope it is put to good use on some fantastic blog posts soon. Happy Friday!