Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where's Carrie?

(I totally stole the flyer image from Flickr...sorry Internet gods!)

I'm going to be MIA for a few days. I have no real good reason except that I am swamped in projects and am headed to Chicago for the weekend to see my best friends from grade school that I haven't seen in almost 20 years! (Dang I sound old!) I'll be back in full swing starting Monday. Have a great weekend! And if you're in a place that is as cold as it is here (we're talking -20 as the HIGH today), bundle up! (There is something inherently wrong when you have to wear long underwear just to go to work...especially when you don't work outside!) Bye...I'll miss you!

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Jen! said...

It's too bad you're headed to Chicago and not Tucson. Our high is 73!

Carrie said...

OMG...I'm so jealous. SOOOO jealous!