Friday, January 2, 2009

Hats...One of Many

Last winter was the year of the scarf. This winter must be the year of the hats. I've been knitting hats like crazy lately...funny enough, none have been for me...yet! I usually do the typical ski cap, but recently my friend and co-worker Lisa challenged me to do a beret. And I'm glad she did. This pattern was full of firsts for me. One, I've never done a beret, so it was cool to see how it progressed. Two, I've never made baubles before, so that was fun...for a while. My fingers started to hurt about half way through. (Why not take a break, you ask? It's not in my knitting vocabulary). I think it turrned out really nice. And the yarn was Misti Alpaca Chunky...yum! I had extra yarn left, so I surprised her with a pair of mittens as well.

Mittens pattern here.

Beret pattern here.

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Corvus said...

Beautiful! I hope to knit my first beret pattern soon too.

Carrie said...

It's really not too hard. This pattern was a little tricky because of the baubles...the decreases for sure. But otherwise, a beret is just a bigger hat that needs to be blocked around a plate or something circular shaped.