Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hats Are Being Donated Today!

Today is the big day when all of the chemo caps that were knitted by the Knitters for Obama group are going to be donated to the University of Chicago Hospital in honor of Obama's grandma "Toot." As I mentioned, I was in Chicago over the weekend to reunite with some friends I went to grade school with, but first I swung by Loopy, a yarn shop where members from KFO were meeting up. It was good to get to see the people behind the Ravelry posts, as well as get to see three garbage bags full of hats that are going to a great cause. The final count came to just over 200 hats! How great is that? Here are some pictures that were taken by KFO member jmcatee.

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Judith said...

Carrie, you make me proud to know you! Good work. I just joined the Knitters for Obama group and maybe there will be more projects like this to come.

Happy MLK Day and inauguration!

Carrie said...

Thanks, Judith! I really enjoyed being part of the Obama campaign, and it was nice to be able to further the volunteering after Obama was elected. Tuesday will be a beautiful day! Thanks for joining KFO! Another charity project is being discussed. We can mail our stuff together. =)

Jen! said...

One word: AWESOME!! :oD

Mouse said...

Hi, found you through Ravelry (comment train) love your blog and so many hats, great job, well done.