Monday, January 26, 2009

A Cardi for Carrie

I have an insane amount of stuff that needs to be knitted for other people and organizations (yes, a new KFO service project has been defined...more later). But at the same time, I had been planning on doing a sweater for myself. I don't usually like to do multiple projects all at once. I'm more of a start and finish one and then move onto the next kind of gal. So, with that said, the cardigan I picked out to knit is going to have to get done at lightening speed. So far, it's going pretty fast. The pattern is called Forecast and you can get it over at I'm using Knit Picks Comfy yarn, which is super soft, in Blackberry.

But before we get to the knitting, let's start with the fuel that'll keep my energy up: cocoa! I made this treat on Saturday night after hours and hours of knitting. It was too pretty to not take a picture of (but not too pretty not to consume).


Forecast front (there are still button bands that have to be added to each side later)

Forecast back (the bobbles are there, but just hard to see)

Comfy yarn arrives...all 10 skeins!

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