Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanks, Knitter08!

Yep, kids, you guessed it...another RAK gift. SWEET! Knitter08 sent this package to me after a little discussion we had on a message board about it being a long winter with a bad economy. Her advice for getting through it was by knitting. So she sent me some of her stash to help me through. It's so fun to get these little goodies in the mail. It's also lots of fun to send out. I've sent out two boxes of gifts this month, books for one person and yarn and fun little gifts for another. I highly suggest you send a surprise to someone you know.

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Corvus said...

Isn't RAK great? I think it was your blog that originally got me on there, and though I haven't been RAK'd myself these past few months I've had great fun doing what little my unemployed-student-budget can do for other people.

Carrie said...

It is great fun! I almost get more excited about sending stuff out then I do getting. But both have their bonuses. ;)