Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chemo Caps for Charity

Another Ravelry group that I'm part of is the Knitters for Obama (KFO). Sure, the election is over, but the work still needs to happen to get the country back in shape. While we wait for "orders" from the big guy, we decided to do some community work as a group by knitting chemo caps for patients with cancer. We're doing this in honor of Obama's grandmother Toot, and we'll be sending them out to the University of Chicago Hospital to start with, since that's where Michelle works(ed). I think the deadline for the project is Inauguration Day, and we can knit any kind of cap we like. I thought I'd start with a Cable Knit Cap. I've done this pattern before and really liked how it turned out. And I'm using the yarn from this RAK gift. If you're interested in knitting (or crocheting) caps too, just join the KFO on Ravelry, or let me know and we can work out ways for you to contribute (because the group could always use more soft, non-wool yarn)!

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