Friday, November 28, 2008

Quilt #2

Now that I finished the world's largest first quilt ever, I thought I'd move onto a second more managable size. This one is going in the LR (like I said, I just keep adding) when it's done. For now, I just have the top sewn, and I bought the filler and back. Let the quilting begin.

But first, some crafting lessons I've learned with this project:

  • Brown, orange, and purple are fall colored but also a little more Halloweenish than I had realized. Oh well.
  • Pay attention when buying fabric...some of it stretches! The corduroy I picked, for one.
  • When working with corduroy, try to make the fabric all go in the same direction. If not, light hits it differently and makes it look different color (see pictures for examples).
  • There is a point to pressing your seams. Hmm...who'd guessed they'd pucker so much. (Not that I'm going to stitch rip...just good to know for next time.)
  • Measure twice...then measure again.
  • Someone should always check my math.'s the quilt top now:

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