Monday, November 24, 2008

No, I Didn't Make This

Correction: I did make the pillow, but you saw that already. What I'm referring to is the great afghan I found this weekend at Savers, a local resale shop that benefits Easter Seals. I got this gem for $3.99 to add to the brown and orange I have going on in the living room. I know, I know, it's SO 1970s, and even a little ugly and grannyish, but I like that kind of stuff. And I think when paired with the pillows, it's a nice little mix. Then again, I have days where I hate it all and just want to start over. I wonder if that happens because changing the decor in a room really happens in stages...not in an hour like you see on TV. It was like that in our old home, for sure. Eventually I started feeling comfortable with the way room looked. I'm still not there yet with this room. I keep getting new ideas of things to add so we'll just see where that leads.

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