Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thanks, Mendy!

Mendy (or MAYknits as she's known on Ravelry), sent me a very sweet email about my blog and decorating and such. She told me that brown and orange are two of her favorite colors as well (after seeing my Amy B. pillows) and suggested I check out Joel Dewberry's Sparrow in Almond fabric. She thought is might make a nice pillow for my LR makeover. I think she's right. Thanks again, Mendy!!!

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Sharyn said...

I totally did a doubletake! that's the exact same piece that I have on my purse. It goes so well with the scarf you sent me (that I love - and I still owe you a photo) :)

Enjoy your Sunday1

Carrie said...

Ooh..that would go perfect with the scarf. What a cool purse that must be. I love this fabric! (and no worries about the photo!)

Sharyn said...

:) And it is a cool purse - my favorite so far..found it on that time absorbing wallet draining place called etsy. LOL