Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vintage Buttons

I have a big tin of vintage buttons, but with all the scarflettes I've made, I've used up many of the cool big ones. Craft stores like JoAnn's sell big buttons, but they're so expensive and just don't have the same character as vintage buttons. So I was very excited to come across lots and lots of vintage buttons at an antique shop in town that I found....and for $0.50 a piece!!!! Wee!

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Amy said...

i have an old tin of buttons my great grandmother use to use. They really are just great to have and use in projects. Lovely find you have there!

Carol said...

Whoa! These are seriously kick ass! I LOVE that plum/fushia stripey one.

Say does your super secret antique store sell cheap vintage magazines too? It can't be Middleton Antiques Mall can it? I thought they lost their lease or something. Or was that just a ploy to get people to notice them more?


Carrie said...

It's not Middleton Antiques. They closed. =( It's this place off of Odana Rd in the brick strip mall. I think it's called Westside or something. I can give directions...and yes, they have vintage magazines, there. Your art will further thrive!!!

Digler said...

Dude ... This would give Melanie McManus nightmares for a week.

Carrie said...

Hahaha, Digler! I forgot all about that. The buttons were in two huge tubs, where there were probably 1000s of them. She would've gone into cardiac arrest.