Monday, July 7, 2008

Perfectly Perched

Shane and I came home last week to find a baby birdie sitting right outside our condo entrance door. As we got closer, we thought he (she?) would fly away, but he didn't. He just watched us walk up, let us stare at him for a while and then stayed there as we closed the door behind us. I was amazed at how still and calm he was. I came back to take pictures and he was still there. I could've reached out and pet him or picked him up and I don't think he would've move. I was very nervous that I was going to find him dead later, but I think his mama came to take him back to the nest. I know he's not crafty, but sometimes we all need a little inner peaceful break. Here's mine to offer.



And for those who think that it was all a zoom trick, that's my foot purposely in the picture to show how close I could get. And, to make this post minutely crafty, I digitally freshened up my pedicure with photoshop. =)

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