Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Doll Swap

Jessica, Shelley, and I swapped the dolls we made for our most recent challenge. To determine who got what doll, we each pulled a number from a hat (1, 2, or 3). Number 1 got 2's, number 2 got 3's, and number 3 got 1's. So I got Jessica's, Shelley got mine, and Jessica got Shelley's. Here are the cuties we made and exchanged:

Jess sewed this sweetie. And she's now sitting pretty at my place.

I knitted and needle felted this kitty kat. And he now lives with Shelley and her three real kitties.

Shelley felted and sewed this cutie. And she and Jessica are both getting settled in their new home.

With summer getting busy as it normally does, Shelley, Jess and I are taking a July Craft Challenge break. However, we'll all still be crafting, and I'll still be posting (and hopefully doing postings of some of their craftings). But I'm in serious need of finding a house lest I be sleeping a van (or in my case, a Jeep) down by the river (or lake). At least I have crafts to keep my mind off of possibly being homeless. =)

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