Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Favorite Line

Warning: This is a very random post, but I've been seriously uncrafty lately and this is alls I gots! So away we go...

I was on Ravelry and in one of the group discussions, someone said, "Maybe they’ll make him sit on the stupid step for a little while." That made me laugh...hard. I can think of a whole lot of people who need to be on that step. Repeat: WHOLE LOT! (I warned you that this was random....but still, sorry!)

I know this isn't a "stupid step," but it's the best I could do to illustrate the line. You get it.

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1 comment:

Happy Clown said...

Sit on the stupid step?

There are a whole bunch of people that LIVE on that step. In fact I can't imagine any other step being more crowded.