Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lookie What I Won!

My pal and old co-worker Miss Aubre had a giveaway on her site, and thanks to Google Reader, I won! I just started using Google Reader a few weeks ago, and it has made blog reading so much more fun! If you're unfamiliar with it, you can subscribe to the blogs you like (such as, oh, I don't know--my blog?) and then when that blog is updated, a link to the post shows up in your Google Reader. To win Aubre's contest prize of the cutest and sweetest mini-harmonica necklace (of which I'm wearing now) ever, you had to be the first commenter. Google Reader let me know immediately of her post, and I went right in for the win!

Above is a pic of the necklaces (from Aubre's site). One was for Aubre, and now one is for me. I have multiple meetings today, so I have to tame my urge to break out in harmonic song. We'll see how that goes. Thanks, Aubre!!

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Sara said...

Those are cool!

I just refound Google Reader and now wish I had added some of my favorite blogs to it, since my work blocks wordpress and typepad. I had to beg to get blogspot back.

LollyChops said...

How totally cute! I think I would be tooting on that little fella all day long!