Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dexter Pupdate

Crafts have been on the backburner thanks to nice weather and a chance to work on the house and yard. Dexter is loving being outside, sitting in the sunshine, and crunching ice cubes on the deck while Shane and I get work done. But the fresh air also makes him a tad more mischieveous. He likes to run figure-eight laps around our very small yard. A few of the growing perennials have taken a beating because of it, but if it helps him expend some energy, I'm all for it.

Good Dog.
This garden statue was something my grandma bought when I was a little because she thought it looked like me. She always kept inside in her dining room bay window. Dex used to only be as tall as the mushroom top, now he's a big dog.

Bad dog!
This is Dex under our deck stairs. He goes under here when he's being really naughty (and knows it) so that he can take in big moutfuls of rocks and dirt. Note his super dirty mouth and chin.

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1 comment:

Angie said...

Oh MY GOODNESS!! You know just the way to my heart- photos of that adorable doggie!!!! Hi Dex I've missed seeing you! ;)