Thursday, April 29, 2010

Creative with Craigslist

The living room furniture has been picked up to be returned to the store, and it's now time to start considering a new direction. I'm kind of at a loss for the moment, so instead of looking at new furniture, I've been scanning Craigslist to see what the community has in store. I came across a few decor doozies and now I just need to work on opening my mind.

Barrel eco-friendly!

And wait...a matching dining room set. Bonus!

"Excuse me, but is that your hand on my ass?"

And a beautiful side table lamp of a guy licking a woman's stomach.

And the pefect panther artwork.

Done and done.

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Angie said...

Your crackin me up! "is that your hand on my ass" ;)

sorry the furniture didn't work out :(

babalisme said...

LOL!! That red sofa is rude!! LOL!

Colet said...

Please don't tell me all those 'pieces' lived in one place.