Friday, July 24, 2009

One More Try

Yep. Down below is a picture of ANOTHER new pattern for the lace yarn I bought back in January. If this pattern weren't going so well, I'd think this yarn was jinxed. I think it would take two hands to count all of the projects that I've started and pulled out with this yarn. It's so bad that the yarn is starting to look a little fuzzy in the beginning. But, I'm not going to let that stop me from FINISHING this one! It's going to be a shawl...maybe a Xmas or birthday gift for someone. This pattern is working really well, so I think it will stick...then again, I thought that about the last pattern this yarn was raveled up in.

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1 comment:

babalisme said...

I didn't know that even you have trouble following a pattern. It makes me a little scared to take a chance on those balls of yarn. yep, I bought them, never use them, because I don't know how to start or I'm just plain lazy.