Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oilcloth Projects

Over at The Purl Bee, they featured different patterns of really pretty oilcloth. I can't get these fabrics out of my mind and have been thinking about what kind of projects I could do with them.

These are Echino Oilcloth. Aren't they all just so lovely?

Here's the fabric used as a reusable grocery bag. A good idea, but I have a ton of those. If you don't have enough, you can learn to make the above one here.

I found this sweet slicker by cristalle on Flickr here, but I aside from my niece Hannah, I don't have any little ones to make for. And, my apparel sewing skills aren't quite up to par.

This little lunch sack was made my morganmoore on Flicker, but I have a lunch sack and it seems more wasteful to make a prettier version than to just stick with the more functional one I use now.

Before oilcloth....wait for it...

And after! Now this might be something I can do. This set was created by citychiccountrymouse and posted in the Furniture Redo group on Flickr. Unless I gave it away in my moving craze last year, I have an ugly old fold-up table just like this. Oilcloth, you may have found a new home!

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Sean said...

Was that first picture a joke with the birds in it?