Sunday, July 12, 2009

Butter Fingers

Well, I had hoped to bring you pictures of the lace top I'm knitting or maybe an update on that scrap blanket I was working or or maybe even pictures of my new haircut (about 5 inches off!)...but in the process of taking some blog pictures, I dropped my camera on the ceramic tile floor. Below is not my camera (obviously it was be hard to take a picture of my broken camera with the broken camera), but it's a pretty good representation of what mine looks like. I'm not sure what this all means for the near future of my blog given that I don't see a new camera coming home soon (we take FOREVER to make decisions around here). But, I'll do my best to do some highlights of blogs I like, Etsy stores I enjoy, and overall random crafts on the Web. Bear with me. And now a moment of silence for broken camera. R.I.P

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Peanut Blossom said...

OMG This is a tragedy of the first order. Get thee to a Best Buy STAT.

Carrie said...

I know! However, I think I might have enough credit card points (sadly) to get a new one for free! I just need to check and see that they're not crap.