Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vintage Baby Knits....SO CUTE!

Kristin Rengren, who's known as RetroKnit on Ravelry, is someone I met at the Knitters for Obama meet up in Chicago. Well, I didn't know it then, but she has a knitting book coming out in April called Vintage Baby Knits. The projects in this books are super sweet! I now have another reason to look forward to spring (as if I really needed one more). And the bonus: I have six...yes, count 'em six friends who are each having babies by the end of the summer. Let's just say I won't be drinking the water...heck I'm sticking with wine (and lots of it!).

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1 comment:

Amy said...

now this looks like a must have book! I am getting this one down for my list of wants! thanks for sharing