Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Day Without Seasonal Suicidal Tendencies

After the bleak post a few days ago, the big guy in the sky (aka Jerry Garcia) must have heard my cries. Because on this past Saturday, not only was the sun out, but it was also warm. Like near 50 warm! (All of you non-Midwesterners laugh away, but this means something to a Sconnie in February). It was like a little taste of spring (aka hope) for all those people standing on the ledge waiting to jump if one more negative-degree day comes along. (A tad melodramatic, I know. But it's the truth).

There was just no way I was sitting inside and letting this day pass me by. So Shane and I headed out to Cedarburg (about 2 hours away) after we heard about the winter fest. And this wasn't just any small town festival...no, this one had bed races on ice. Say it with me...awesome!

And what was even better? We were picked out the entire crowd to be costume judges. It was such a great day. I wasn't freezing, I could feel the warmth of the sunshine outside of the car, and we got a lot of good laughs throughout the day. That Saturday may have just helped me hang on for another few weeks without escaping to Mexico. (But we'll see.)

Here are the costume contest winners. Yes, that is a man in a tutu on the left. He's what clinched the $250 prize.

This little girl was sitting on the sidewalk by me when the parade went by. She saw the different sausages (who race during the Milwaukee Brewers games) come by, and she ran right out in the street, grabbed one of their hands and started walking with him. (I think that's the Bratwurst...or the Polish Sausage?) Too cute!

She also greeted the Chorizo.

Here is one of the beds...yes, that's a bed. The theme of the festival was Knights of the Roundtable (or something like that). This actually moved quite quickly despite the immense size.

Here's another bed. Those are ten-speed wheels sans tires. It was very fast...but not the winner.

And another bed from the Anvil Brewery. We ate there for lunch...good food!

This poor guy was the snowball target for all the kids before the race started. I swear he got pelted by at least 100 snowballs.

Two more sausages: Italian and the hot dog.

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Anonymous said...

Nice, Ca-wie. For the record, the striped-shirt sausage is the Polish.


Carrie said...

Seriously? I've been cheering for the wrong piece of meat. He doesn't look Polish to me.

designwaitress said...

That looks like it was a really fun day!
I agree - that sausage does NOT look Polish. that said, I have no idea how I would dress a Polish sausage . . .