Monday, February 23, 2009

Giving Beats Getting!

Sometimes when you donate something to charity, it just goes away, never ever knowing where it's path ended. When I donated the scarflette and fingerless gloves to the Mattaponi tribe, I won't lie, the thought did cross my mind that the $46 I was hoping to sell them for on Etsy would be gone the moment I gave them away. I made myself OK with it because winter was coming to an end (or wishful thinking anyway) and the need for such items would be dwindling. Plus, I like the way giving to someone who needs it makes me feel. But once the items were in the mail, I never thought I'd see or hear about them again.

Boy, was I wrong!

Dee, the woman on Ravely who helped set up this service knitting project, shared the following picture and story with me. Words can't describe how moved I am by this little girl'story...and smile.

This is Aris.

“But what really touched my heart was 9 year old Mattaponi Aris found and put together an outfit that comforted her as nothing else has. Aris is wearing an auburn colored muffler with buttons and thumb gloves and a cream colored shawl of some sort over her cotton dress. Her grandmother, brought her to work [at the clinic] all day. Aris actually slept in her new knitted garmets over her night gown and immediately put them on again upon rising. and she is smiling and happy! Christmas day, her home burned to the ground, her step Dad is in critical care in the burn unit, and she is living with her grandparents. She also lost a young cousin in a car accident recently. She has suffered a lot for a little kid.”

I think it's important to remember people like Aris when it comes time to donating and doing for others. I think now how stupid it was to even consider not making $46, when this little girl's smile is nothing short of priceless.

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Annette said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the reminder!

babalisme said...

I love donating and giving too, not because I am thinking of my place in Heaven, God, no.

Yes, I treasure the faces and smiles of those who benefits my things more than I do. You are right, they are priceless. And to me giving is not obligatory, it's my own necessity.